Chrisie Bell "Christobel" Carter

Christobel B. Carter originally named Chrisie Bell Griffin was born May 27, 1940 in Richmond, Virginia affectionately to Matthew and Odie Griffin. She was one of 8 children raised in North Carolina.


As the oldest daughter of 8 she was loved by her siblings; Leslie, Bobby, Harry, Evelyn, and Hazel Grey Griffin. She leaves behind 2 loving sisters Janet and Cora, sister in law Emma Carter Windley, lifelong friend Ms. Lott In Washington, NC and a host of nieces and nephews.


She was married to Arthur Carter, Sr. for 27 years and they had 6 children and when they arrived in South Baltimore they had their 7th child Lolita together: Loretta Carter, Arthur Carter (Daughter in-law Vanessa), Slyvester (Vet) Carter (Daughter in-law Barbara), Gwendolyn Abdeledhay (Son in-law Mimo Abdeledhay), Priscella Carter-Thomas, John Carter, and Lolita Carter-Ross (Son in-law Clarence Ross Jr). She leaves behind 16 grandchildren, and over 25 great grandchildren.  


Christie was instrumental in the opening of Carter's Confession Store in South Baltimore and managed two Carter’s family rental properties. Finally, she retired over 15 years ago after working for a well known manufacturing company as a hand press supervisor. She enjoyed: soap operas, watching westerns, playing slot machines, shopping, cooking big dinners for her families on holidays, and attending gospel concerts with her best friend Hattie Haynes.


She was caring, loving, open hearted, and genuinely loved by all she came in contact with her.