Kimberly McCain

Kim McCain joined her family members in heaven on January 8th, 2022. Having just lost her mother in July, and her sister Tiffany in August, these past 6 months have been some of the most painful days of her life. 

It is very difficult to capture into words the unique, stubborn, caring, strong-willed but loving person we knew. To be honest, it’s most difficult to fathom the fact that she is no longer with us.

Born Kimberly Ann Sales in Miami Florida on May 4th, 1964, the first child of David and Carole Sales, she was soon joined by sisters Tiffany and Tracey. Kim’s childhood was spent between Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania. After her parents divorced, they both remarried, and their families continued to grow, with the addition of Jennifer, Christopher and Jessica to her mother and stepfather (Peter Fryatt), and Kas and Davie to her father and stepmother (Kathy Sales). Growing up Kim was very close with her brothers and sisters and many cousins. The importance of family was the greatest lesson Kim’s Mother passed onto her. Even if they never had the best of “things”, when the siblings and cousins gather together, their stories of shared experiences could make even the wealthiest envious of the level of love they shared.  

As a young woman Kim faced the greatest tragedy imaginable, with the loss of her first-born son Michael Anthony, when he was only one year old; a heartbreak she carried throughout her life. Five years later Kim was blessed with the birth of her daughter Kimberly Carole (Kacey). Kim’s life transformed into Kacey’s Mom. 

In 1995, Kim finally found the love of her life and her soul mate Melvin McCain. From that moment forward Kim and Mel were inseparable. Their family quickly grew with the addition of their twins, Nicholas, Christopher, and of course Maggie May (her prized fur baby). In addition to her biological children, Kim was God Mother to her nephew Michael Hoffman, and second mom to Sam, the mother of two of her grandchildren. Kim absolutely cherished the role of being a wife and mother, she loved and supported her family through whatever life brought them. In fact, many of Kim’s lifelong friends come from being: A Karaoke Host’s Wife, A Pageant Mom, A Baseball Mom, and Football Mom. 

The only joy greater than being a mother for Kim was being a Mom-Mom to Makenzie-13, Briella-8, Madison-7, Ripken-6, Miles-5 and a new baby on the way due in July 2022. There is nothing she would not do for her family, in fact often Kim would watch after all the grandkids at the same time.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Kim would always go out of her way to make each one of her children and grandchildren feel special on their birthday and especially at Christmas. Just as she learned growing up, Kim’s life was more about the experiences then “things”. She always found a way to give her family memories: carnivals, Theme parks, camping, trips to Disney, or just corn hole by a fire pit with some Coors lights; it was more about the togetherness. 

While anyone who knew Kim, knew of her unequivocal dedication and support to her family, but we cannot overlook the uniqueness and complexity of Kim, as her own person. 

It’s no wonder that Kim Loved dolphins – Intelligent and gentle creatures, who will attack and drive away even the most can aggressive sharks. Kim fearlessly lived her life by her own rules, and she dared you to get in the way of her or her family. Kim loved to share her opinion of anything and everything, whether you asked or not. With the large network of friends, she has built over the years, Kim always knew the latest of what’s going on everywhere; we all have stories of breaking news coming from KNN - Kimmie News Network. With the introduction of Facebook, Kim became quite the writer, sharing her opinions and experiences, often with live updates.

To know Kimmie is to know a genuine one-of-a-kind person - unique, resilient, and unstoppable.  

During Karaoke, the only song Kim would sing was from Pat Benatar: 

“… Knock me down, it's all in vain - I get right back on my feet again
Hit me with your best shot - Why don't you hit me with your best shot - Fire away” 

Kimberly Ann McCain (Sales) is survived by her husband Melvin McCain Sr., her children Kacey Sales, Nick McCain, and Chris McCain, her grandchildren Mackenzie, Briella, Madison, Ripken and Miles, her stepfather Peter Fryatt, and her siblings, Tracey Sales Anderson, Jessica Lasker, Jennifer Hoffman, Chris Fryatt, David Sales Jr. and Kas Frost.

“The only thing missing from this, is her love of Trump”- Kimberly McCain, July 2021