Our Staff

Our dedicated and supportive staff are here to guide you through this difficult journey. We take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure your needs are met. We are here for you.

William G. Hart (Jerry)

Supervising Mortician

Jerry has been in the funeral profession since 1983. He began his career in Richmond, Virginia and has been an apprentice, a funeral director and embalmer, a location manager, a regional vice president of operations through out his tenure. He is licensed in Virginia and Florida. He now comes to Loudon Park Funeral Home as a manager.

Jerry is a member of the Church of the Holy Presence, Episcopal, in DeLand, FL and is married to Juan Crespo and has a son, Nathan and daughter-in-law, Margaret both in Richmond, Virginia. While working in various capacities, Jerry, has come to appreciate that not every family and services are the same. He enjoys creating a lasting memory for the families he works with. He is looking forward to being able to do the same for the families of Baltimore.

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Jaime Kaschenbach
Funeral Director

Jaime was born and raised in Baltimore City, MD. She attended CCBC Catonsville, where she obtained her Associates Degree in mortuary science in May of 2019 and became a licensed Funeral Director/Mortician. In July of 2021, she became a part of the Loudon Park Funeral Home team.

Being a Funeral Director is a calling that Jaime takes very seriously. Helping to guide grieving families through one of the hardest times in their lives is something Jaime is very compassionate about.

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David Smithson
Facilities & Fleet Manager

Smitty has worked over 15 years in funeral service.  Prior to his funeral career, Smitty was a Correctional Officer for the United States Government.

Smitty is responsible for building and fleet maintenance as well as assisting during services and visitations. Loudon Park families enjoy his southern hospitality and kind demeanor.

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Paul Gregorzak
Funeral Assistant

Paul brings 20 years of funeral service experience to our team at Loudon Park Funeral Home. Our families appreciate Paul's compassionate and polite manner.

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Suzanne G. Castle

Suzanne is a retired English and Language Arts teacher who taught for
38 years in Baltimore County schools.  Having lost crucial family
members at a young age, she remembers the kindness of the funeral home
staff and how their kind treatment of her family made the sorrow and
grief process a bit easier to bear.  She wishes to extend that same
kindness and care to the families who come to Loudon Park, and is
happy to be part of the chain of people who help others heal.

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Harry Gordon
Funeral Assistant

 After retiring from a career with General Motors, Harry enjoys helping our   families when they need him most. With over a decade of funeral service   experience, Harry works with our Funeral Directors and staff ensuring our   families receive the best possible service at all times.

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Monica Flight
Funeral Assistant

Monica Flight has been offering exceptional and professional services to families in need since she was 15 years old. As a funeral Assistant at Loudon Park Funeral Home, Monica spends her days assisting the needs of grieving families during visitations and funeral services, while studying to become a licensed funeral director. She is also a licensed crematory operator at our on-site crematory, Baltimore Crematory.

Monica is continuously serving her community of Baltimore as she also is a part time homecare health nurse. She understands and values that supporting families during loss is a crucial role in the grieving process.

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Michael Starke